Don’t Drink and Gamble

Governments and local authorities across the world are constantly reminding people of the dangers associated with drinking and driving. However, what they aren’t as keen to do is warn you about risks associated with drinking and online betting or gambling.

Whether you’re at home enjoying some down time or inside a casino, taking on board too much alcohol will adversely affect your chances of success.

By its nature, alcohol lowers your inhibitions and this makes you much more likely to make mistakes. The obvious misstep is to risk more than you can afford. For example, you’re playing blackjack in your local casino and you decide that you’re not going to gamble more than $5 per hand. However, after playing for an hour and taking advantage of the free drinks on offer, you begin to bet $25 per hand.

At this point you’d be running the risk of going broke even if you we’re 100% focused and playing perfectly. However, at this point you won’t be making correct decisions because along with decreased focus comes increased bravado. Such overconfidence will cause you to play a risky strategy and when combined with larger bets, the chances of going broke increase dramatically.

While it’s great to have a few drinks to make things more enjoyable, you should be wary of drinking too much. One of two drinks may actually help you as it can calm you down. However, any more than that and you run the risk of making poor decisions and leaving the casino with any empty wallet.